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Kurt Riemann

Producer / Engineer

Respect For The Artist's Vision and
World-class Musical Craftsmanship


All of the music on this site was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Kurt Riemann.

The instant when music is brought into the world is where the magic lies. Every song has a sound and purpose. And at the end of the day, nothing replaces a great performance.

Beyond the recorded sound of a song is the captured performance by the artist.

Producing is the art of getting performances that rise above simply laying the track down, regardless of budget. Kurt has a thousand ways of helping each artist attain their best performance. Consistently (and often invisibly) bringing out the best performance from the artist is the ultimate goal.

Kurt works across genres, from Metal to Bluegrass, Live Orchestra, singer/songwriter to straight Rock, with solid production credits in each. His production skills have been honed for over four decades by working full-time in high-end studios with some of the best musicians, engineers and producers in the world. He's had his hand in the creation of over seven hundred albums, locally and internationally.

Every production is equally important, from helping a beginning songwriter navigate their first album, to tracking extremely aggressive Punk on a budget, to producing acclaimed jazz albums and international artists, to recording 200 people live onstage. Listening to these artists will give you a clear idea of his strength of production skills, his loyalty and love for their music and of his commitment to their personal vision.

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