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The Alaska Music
Show on KNBA

Sunday nights at 7:00

The greatest music of the Last Frontier

Join the Alaska Music Show Sunday nights at 7:00 on KNBA 90.3 after the Camille Conte Show.


The Alaska Music Show has provided over 10,000 hours of Alaskan music programming to the Anchorage airwaves in the past five years.

Every cut we play is written and recorded by Alaskans in Alaska. We have thousands of undiscovered cuts from decades of creative musicians across the state.

We've done all the prospecting for you. Out of thousands of recordings we have been finding all of the gems.

Our new season features interviews, inside information and more of the great music you've grown to love.

Did you miss an episode? The Alaska Music Show radio show is available as a Podcast at The Alaska Music Podcast.

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