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Kurt Riemann's ANTIGRAVITY video

As heard on The Alaska Music Podcast

The Alaska Band WIKI

Help us assemble the Alaska Band WIKI. Connect to this spreadsheet and add any bands you remember. It's easy and is a great step in documenting the rich history of Alaskan music!

The Alaska Music Show/Podcast


Show #28 playlist

Volitar - full album
Harper's Farce - Prologue
Harper's Farce - EA

Show #27 playlist

The Elizabeth Schulze interview
Dvorak New World Symphony

Show #26 playlist

No Eyelids, No Sleep - Man Time

Shapes and Numbers - Laureli Amadeus

 Regret Raisins - Strawberry Friend

Black and White - Single - Sophia Street

Black Cat - Man Time

Annual - Laureli Amadeus

Glamour Girl - Strawberry Friend

My Heart Goes - Sophia Street

Rotten - Man Time

hiraeth - Laureli Amadeus

Life is Food - Strawberry Friend

Streets - Sophia Street / Blush Bully

Quarter Chubb - Man Time

into love - Laureli Amadeus

Thesis Pieces - Strawberry Friend

Evaporate - Sophia Street

Happy Ending - Sophia Street

Show #25 playlist

Fresh Heart - Floral Cowboy

Sleeping Dog - Dynamics of One

Never - TLoop

Without You Jackie Rae Daniels

Roses - Ben Mattox

Driving - French Jessica

Harder to Return - Arlo Hannigan

New Music - Foot

Stephen Hendricks - #2

Gone - The Vinyl Floors

The Way You Treat Me - Lance Howard

Goodbye Miss Liza - Five Buck Fiddle

You Could Be A Shorebird Too - Good Dog

The Man Holding The Sign - Naked Mabel

Radio Free Spenard - Pikal

The Answer - Raised by Humans

Show #24 playlist

Tundra Swan - Yonni Fischer
Nicholas Cage - Hot and Awkward

Ruger - Hot Dish

These Modern Times - Playboy Spaceman

Raised By Humans - Sounds of July

Metaphysical Funk - Ill Gotten

Water Sliding - Downhill

Bearfoot Bluegrass - Lonesome City

G's Bop - Greg Holloway

Megalopolis - The Steve Pidgeon Band

Endeavor for Stings - Brett Lindsay

Migration - Yonni Fischer

Show #23 playlist

The Duke Russell Experience!
Pancake Corral

Mission Band
Masterpiece of Pieces


Show #22 playlist

Silver Creek - Rhythm Romancers
Listos a las Tres - Rhythm Romancers
Herniology - Rhythm Romancers
Slumgullions - Rhythm Romancers
Ornitholigy - Rhythm Romancers
Scialiacci - Rhythm Romancers
Via Casitas - Rhythm Romancers
Primavera - Rhythm Romancers
GT - Rhythm Romancers
Down in my Heart - Robin Dale Ford
Delaware River Mud - Joe Page
Biorhythms - Joe Page
25 - Joe Page
23 - Joe Page

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Show #1 playlist

Anna Lynch - Gone and Back
Matt Hammer - Serum Run
Arlo Hannigan and Bryan Muktoyuk - Bird's Eye View
Larry Zarella - Ebling's Waltz
Sophia Street - Evaporate
Marian Call - Vanilla
Yonni Fischer - Migration
Anne Pence - Forgiven
Laura Oden - Alchemy
Harpers Farce
The XQs - Thinkin' About You
Joe Page - 25

Show #2 playlist

Denise Martin - The Jolly Punk Rocker
Steven Bacon - Voice Every Day
Sundog - Oh No - live in-studio
Fiona Rose - Apocalypse Alone
Cowboy Spaceman - And His Father
Antigen - Black Graffiti
PhotonAK - Crawl
Yngvil - Dudette
Disastronauts - Network Time Killer
Colleen Coadic - Splashpoint
Medicine Dream - People of the Dawn
Joann and Monte - Where We Live
Moonracers - Five Star
Mr. Whitekeys - The Cordova Outhouse Rag
Disastronauts - Surfing Nebulous

Show #3 playlist

Photonak - Fight For Me
Conway Seavey - Colder
Sophia Street - Heather Weather
John Cook - Nothing More to Say
Elena - Summer Night's Dream
Cannamore - And I Have You
Alex Cruver Trio  - ADT Blues
Larry Zarella - Stay Alive
Blackwater Railroad - Ghost of Your Worries
Ruben Gaines - Chilkoot and the Tundra Boar
Anna Lynch - Pretty Saro

Show #4 playlist

Alaska's Flag Mashup - Kurt Riemann
Brothers in Arms - Voices of Angels
PJ Franco and the Burnouts - $80 Water
Life ain't Fairview Trio - You Don't Know What Work Is
Pat Fitzgerald - Wild Harvest
Robin Dale Ford - Down In My Heart
Cannamore - Glacier
Lamoyne - No Brakes And A Bible On The Dashboard
Hammer and Schultz - Bring In the Dozers
Frank Iarossi - Rain
Harpers Farce - Ruthemal
Mariko Seraphin - Empress of Time
Denise Martin - Trip to Sligo - Morrison's Jig
Prophecy - Haunting You
Sarah Hanson-Hostetter - The Housesitting Song

Show #5 playlist

Sarah Hansen-Hofstetter - RoRo
Emma Hill - The Keeper
Marian Call - Hope
Joann and Monte - Close to Home
Anna Lynch - Beer in Jars
Let's Go To Alaska
Will Putman and Shonti Elder - Slivivitz
The Jangle Bees - Sweet Pea
PhotonAK - Inside Yourself
Arlo Hannigan and Bryan Muktoyuk - Hunger
Felon of Family - Blackwater Railroad
Esther Golton - Echo Point
Brothers in Arms - Color My Soul
Pamyua - Bubble Gum
Joe Page - Room 714

Show #6 playlist

Biorhythms - Joe Page
Moosemire - Lamoyne
Foolin' Myself - Matt Hammer
Mother Me - Colleen Coadic
Bill's Waltz - Mary Schallert
Lucky Girl - Ann Pence
I Got Wheels - Marian Call
Liberty Creek - Joe Page
Pothole Polka - Alaska Button Box Gang
Alaska - The 49th Star
Q-Lock - Yngvil
Out of the Desert - Brandon Edwards
Via Casitas - Joe Page
Two Pie Garage - Joe Page

Show #7 playlist


Chamberliners - Girdwood Gigues
Arlo Hannigan and Robert Muktoyuk - Song Spirit
Sophia Street - Obscene
Medicine Dream - Ktaqmkuk
Steven Bacon - Sparrow
Gaffer's Delight - Alex Cruver Trio
Anna Lynch - Baby Please Don't Go To Work
Moonracers - Look At Yourself
Splittin' Apart - Cook and Greene
Elena Lukina - Latin Rose
Marian Call - Shark Week
Imposter - Jangle Bees
Soapstone - I'm Doin' Just Fine
The Henchmen - Baby Doomer
Yngvil - She's the Man

Show #8 playlist

Derry Aires - Duct Tape Madrigal
Playboy Spaceman - Taking the Easy
Emma Hill - Meet Me At The Moon
Larry Zarella - Hey Jimmy
Sarah C Hanson - Teapot Song
Sophia Street - Life + Shift
Joann and Monte - Allee in Free
Blackwater Railroad - Howling Wind
Tex Johnston - The Great Land
Hammer and Schultz - Spirit of Alaska
Emily Anderson - Why Did I Let You
Laura Oden - Little Sister
Alaska Polka Chips - Latin Afternoon
Riemann and Hoffer - Sounding
Elena Lukina - Sahara Sands


Show #9 playlist

Anna Lynch - Not a Love Song
Ann Pence - My Daughter's Country
Colleen Coadic - silence is so blue
Drunk Poets - Picture Perfect
Tom Begich - I Believe
Bonnie Nichols - Lay Down Your Arms
Marian Call - Bones
Model Citizen - Won't You Take My Girlfriend

PhotonAk - 1-Up
Robin Dale Ford - Angeline the Baker
Sophia Street - Pawn Shop Blood Guitar
Steven Bacon - Food on the Table
Tom Begich - Cool Blue Light
Whitekeys - The Fairbanks Blues
Sarah C Hanson - All I Can See
Tom Begich - Calm Serenade
Sarah C Hanson - Hidden Track

Show #10 playlist

Sundog - Tiny Bugs
Tom Begich - Hotel Metropole
Cheapest Key - Gino
Feel Love - Jangle Bees
Life Ain't Fairview Trio - Whatever You Do, Don't Get Old
Last Train - Seven
Arlo Hannigan and Bryan Muktoyuk - Cold Blooded
Larry Zarella - Halfway to Paris
Heard It On the Radio - Cease Fire
heartsound - Laureli Amadeus
MJ and Kurt Riemann - Kin I Adore
Marian Call - Hope
Bottle Caps for Dollars - Samurai Bikini / Rom
Tytus Canby - Baby Wants a Rock and Roller


Show #11 playlist

Uivaraanga - Pamyua
I Walk By - Last Train
Morning Light - Cheapest Key
Born in Black - The Avery Wolves
Burn It - Sarah C Hanson
Fantastic Harmonika - Alaska Button Box Gang
Get it - Stuntcock
It's Just Not Right - The Jephries
Well-Intentioned Lies - Project Anderson
Strike Fear - Woodrow
Razar - Do It All Night (1985)
The Black Moth - Laureli Amadeus

Show #12 playlist

Sophia Street - Black and White
Steven Bacon and Kendra Kinsey - Burning Choir
Life Ain't Fairview - Dog Life
Marian Call - Particle Man
Marian Call - Butts
Tom Begich - Crazy World
Sally Oberstein - Your Love Makes Me High
Andy Baker - Foreign Land
Skate Death - Psalm / I Think I'm Elvis
AA Monepert - Rings Around Uranus
Marian Call - Standing Stones
Jephries - Citadel
Pat Fitzgerald - Handwriting on the Wall
Emma Hill - Untouchables
Matt Hammer - Write Your Mom
Yngvil - Dueo


Show #13 playlist

Eric Brandel - Mary B

Cheapest Key - Sometimes I Sing

Sundog - Scooby Doo'd

Cannamore - American Man

Sophia Street - Always Do

Anna Lynch - Olivia

Cowboy Spaceman - If You Touch Something

Gary Sloan - Binky's First Encounter

MJ Riemann - Inteview / Goodbye

Show #14 playlist

Interview with David Molletti
XQ's - Don't You Be One Of Those Girls

XQ's - I Really Wanna Fall In Love
XQ's - I Won't Be Coming Back Next Summer

XQ's - Song 6
XQ's - Thinking About You All The Time
XQ's - Try
XQ's - You've Been Runnin'
Model Citizen - Let's Talk About Pop

Model Citizen - Loran

Model Citizen - Spenard Beat

Show #15 playlist

Jephries - Park Human
Larry Zarella - He Had It Coming
Muskeg Mudsuck - Ain't Your Friend
Fiona Rose - Apocalypse Alone
Conway Augustine - My Innocence
Model Citizen - IRS
Last Train - No Intention
Jangle Bees - IMU
Sundog - Dollhouses
Sumeon Oliver / Nutchuk - Aleut Lullaby
Sarah Hanson - Hofstetter - Clara's Song
Pretty Birds  That Kill - Monster
The Sweeteners - On The Run
The Avery Wolves - Revenge
Esther Golton - Going to Shadu
Elena Lukina - Sahara Sands

Show #16 playlist

Gary Sloan and Clone - Harmonitalk
Chris Page - Old Flame in Her Heart
Brian K Jones - The Fur Rendezvous Song
Joann and Monte - The Fishin' Song
Paul Roseland - Goodbye Summer
Lamoyne - Kiss your Blues Away
Soapstone - Cruisin' Your Blues Away
Love's Way - Cannery Blues
Tytus Canby - Bad For Good
Paul Millar - One More Try
Snow White - New Messiah
Snow White - Hiassam Wen
Marriane Zak - Friends
Sally Oberstein - Hooked By The Heart
Rhythm Romancers - Scialacci

Show #17 playlist

Get It - Stuntcock
Getaway Man - The Sweeteners
Getting Out - Noise Brigade  
Good Enough (for the Avenue)
Heard It On The Radio - Cease Fire
Monster - Pretty Birds That Kill
Norris - Kallahan
Samurai Bikini - ROM by Bottle Caps for Dollars
Shoot The Moon - Turquoise Boy
Strike Fear - Woodrow
The Fall - A Wake Among the Forgotten
The Hardest Truth - City In Ashes
The Price of Existence - Decepticide
Descent - Slave II Nothing
Wake Up, O Sleeper - Sky is Falling

Show #18 playlist

Ballad of Jon and Michelle - Sarah Hanson-Hofstedder
Baraka - Colleen Coadic
Citadel - The Jephries
On the Ledge - The Cheapest Key
Powderfinger - Last Train
How To Fall Apart - Thera
I Disown My Body - Fiona Rose
Before I Fall Apart - Laureli Amadeus
Carve - Laureli Amadeus
Life Is Food - Strawberry Friend
Bolivia - Sophia Street
I'm A Cheechako - Betty Jo Starr
World on Fire - Raised By Humans
Try Again - Laura Oden
The Feeling Goes - Raised By Humans
Song #2 - Steven Hendricks

Show #19 playlist
The Stu Schulman Tribute

Wallkill River

Walking in the Rain

Close To Home - Joann and Monte

While You See a Chance

Bibi Funk

Shattered - Jeanene Walker

Iditarock and Roll

Chris' Song

Let It Rain

Makes No Difference

Somewhere Out There

Long May You Run

Show #21 playlist

Crush - Mudpuppy
Burning Dinosaurs - Burning Dinosaurs
All of the Above - The Jephries
Longer Calming Down - The Violent Lashes
On My Own - Phononak
Shadows Creep - The Avery Wolves
Among the Goats - Unfaithful Lovers
Shutdown Checklist - Whipsaws
Radiant Springtide of Pure Reason - Cliff and Ivy
Jephries - Punch Your Mother in the Face
SunDog - Shaman Song
Bad Friday - Say Anything
LuvPuppets - Feeling is No Good
Panhandle Crabgrass Revival Band - Panhandle Crabgrass Revival Band
Good Morning Moon - Marianne Call
Land of the Giants - Tex Johnston

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